Apply for iPads, tablets, or other technological needs to implement Arts & Digital Literacy courses in your classroom.

To apply for the Arts & Digital Literacy Classroom Technology Grant, click here.

This grant provides vital support for Arts &Digital Literacy classes, which are approved for fine arts credit in 2015-16. Based on the 7-E model of instruction, Arts and Digital Literacy classes offer an exciting option for teaching critical 21st Century Skills through technology-integrated fine arts courses.

The Arts & Digital Literacy curricula is bringing about success both inside the classroom and out!

The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts is hosting Showcase Sessions at each of the statewide fine arts organization conferences. If you are planning to attend one of these conferences, come to these sessions to learn more about the individual courses and see student products from the courses. No registration is necessary to attend.

Showcase Sessions will be held at:

  • Texas Art Education Association Conference, San Antonio
  • Texas Dance Educators Association Convention, Houston
  • Texas Educational Theatre Association "TheatreFest," Houston
  • Texas Music Educators Association Convention, San Antonio

I hope your school year is off to a good start! The Texas Cultural Trust and Resources for Learning have developed an Implementation Guide. This guide is meant to be a handbook to help you implement these courses at your school. The goal of the guide is to give an overview of this initiative, the philosophy and structure of the courses and practical help for implementing the courses. The intended audience of this handbook is the following stakeholders: principals, teachers and instructional technology (IT) staff. For the implementation at your school to be successful, each stakeholder needs to understand their role and all parties need to work together to support effective implementation. Principals can help allocate technology and resources for teachers and their class. IT staff can help teachers and students with the technology and troubleshoot any problems that will arise throughout the year. The guide also include observation walk throughs for each course. The 15-minute and 45-minute walk-throughs provide a list of TEKS, course modules, and effective teaching practices that may be observed, and that can be used as the basis for discussion between teacher and observer.

Please share this guide with your principals, fine arts directors and IT people at your schools.

Caroline Hammond
Texas Cultural Trust

The new Dance and Media Communications curriculum will be unveiled this summer! Do you want to pilot this course? Teacher training will be provided by the Texas Cultural Trust on August 11th and 12th in Austin, Texas. Support will be provided by the Texas Cultural Trust throughout the pilot year.

If so, please, immediately contact: Caroline Hammond, Program Director at the Texas Cultural Trust.

Dance & Media Communications I
2014-2015 Pilot
PEIMS Code N1170150
Abbreviation DAMECOM

Check out the Arts and Digital Literacy Initiative Facebook page at

Please “like” the page and feel free to post questions, comments, or anything else. Caroline Hammond, Program Director of the Texas Cultural Trust, will check this page daily.

Debut of the New Fine Arts TEKS

Fine arts educators who have recently attended the "Debut of the Fine Arts TEKS" workshops are encouraged to sign up for an account to download curriculum materials.

If you would like information about these exciting workshop opportunities, presented by The University of Texas College of Fine Arts and Texas Cultural Trust in cooperation with the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts (CEDFA), please visit the CEDFA website.

On April 19th, 2013 the State Board of Education approved the new Fine Arts TEKS. The new Fine Arts TEKS includes the Texas Cultural Trust’s Arts and Digital Literacy Curricula.

The courses are:

  • Art and Media Communications I (N1170024)
  • Art and Media Communications II (N1170145)
  • Music and Media Communications I (N1170160)
  • Music and Media Communications II (N1170161)
  • Theater and Media Communications I (N1170170)
  • Theater and Media Communications II (N1170171)
  • Dance and Media Communications I (N1170150)
  • Dance and Media Communications II (N1170151)

This is an important milestone for the Trust’s curricula because once the new Fine Arts are implemented, all of these courses can be offered as a fine arts credit.

Currently, all Texas high school students are required to have one fine arts credit for graduation. Until the implementation of the new Fine Arts TEKS, these courses can be offered as a statewide elective credit. The new Fine Arts TEKS will be implemented in the 2015-2016 school year.

The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts, in partnership with the Texas Cultural Trust, presents four three-day workshops in June exploring hands-on strategies for engaging students with the Art and Media Communications I curriculum. Limited space available. Visit for details.

The Texas Cultural Trust and the College of Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin announce the launch of an expanded website to support implementation of the eight TEA-approved innovative courses teaching digital literacy through the fine arts.

The new website will house the curriculum documents and online communities for each course as materials become available. Site users will be able to sign up for one or more courses, share resources, and add to the dialogue surrounding this exciting initiative.

The Arts and Digital Literacy Initiative partners will present four sessions at the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts (CEDFA) Summit to be held in Austin from June 7-9, 2012.

The partnership will present

  • a Pre-Summit session on Art and Media Communications I,
  • a Pre-Summit session on Music and Media Communications I,
  • a Post-Summit session on Art and Media Communications II, and
  • a general session for administrators on the Arts and Digital Literacy Initiative.

Visit for details.