September 2014

I hope your school year is off to a good start! The Texas Cultural Trust and Resources for Learning have developed an Implementation Guide. This guide is meant to be a handbook to help you implement these courses at your school. The goal of the guide is to give an overview of this initiative, the philosophy and structure of the courses and practical help for implementing the courses. The intended audience of this handbook is the following stakeholders: principals, teachers and instructional technology (IT) staff. For the implementation at your school to be successful, each stakeholder needs to understand their role and all parties need to work together to support effective implementation. Principals can help allocate technology and resources for teachers and their class. IT staff can help teachers and students with the technology and troubleshoot any problems that will arise throughout the year. The guide also include observation walk throughs for each course. The 15-minute and 45-minute walk-throughs provide a list of TEKS, course modules, and effective teaching practices that may be observed, and that can be used as the basis for discussion between teacher and observer.

Please share this guide with your principals, fine arts directors and IT people at your schools.

Caroline Hammond
Texas Cultural Trust