Art and Media Communications II

Course Description

Art and Media Communications II builds upon the foundational skills taught in the Art and Media Communications I survey course and provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge of contemporary visual art and design practices with greater depth and complexity. Hands-on, experiential learning in visual art is interwoven with technology applications, media literacy, and the 21st century skills as students explore participatory media and the practice of transmedia storytelling. Students learn how new media such as digital imagery, multimedia presentations, web videos, online and social media, virtual worlds, game designs, and animations intersect with contemporary art, specifically sculpture and installation art. Students create a large-scale, collaborative installation artwork and then contextualize and promote it though media extensions that produce immersive stories aimed at engaging audiences. By creating transmedia stories about their installation, students expand both personal and collective narratives, deepen creative research skills, gain insight into messaging platforms, and build communities of interest. Students document their work in a professional-level digital portfolio that can be used in applications.

PEIMS Code: 03501230
Abbreviation: ART2MCOM