Art and Media Communications I

A TEA approved innovative course for teaching fine arts and digital literacy

Welcome to Art and Media Communications I

Art and Media Communications is a curriculum developed by the Texas Cultural Trust focused on teaching 9th grade students 21st century workforce skills in the creative media arts. Specific emphasis is placed on media literacy and cultural studies on top of rigorous explorations into the contemporary visual art and media design fields. Art and Media Communications has been approved for fine arts credit by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and is available for district implementation.

PEIMS Code: 03500120
Abbreviation: ART1MCOM

Course Description

Art and Media Communications combines rigorous and relevant experiential study of modern, post-modern, and contemporary visual art and design with student learning in media literacy and technology applications. Creation and analysis of student artworks will be balanced with explorations into contemporary practices across the visual and commercial arts fields. Students will learn how to bridge traditional hand skills with current technology applications to create new media such as animations, digital images, multimedia presentations, digital videos, websites, and interactive or site-based installations and performances. Furthermore, student work will culminate in a capstone project that investigates an issue relevant to the student and uses art, design, and visual communications to address a problem within the community or effect a change. This project will afford students an opportunity to learn and practice creative research skills, develop a narrative, engage an audience, and connect an online community to their project.

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Innovative Course Pilot (2010-2011) Program Report and Evaluation

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Art and Media Communications
Innovative Course Pilot (2010-2011)
Program Report and Evaluation

This report provides an overview of the Art and Media Communications course, including a summary of the project history, findings from formative evaluation activities conducted during the development and a classroom pilot of the course, and recommendations for future directions.